News : 25/03/2020

Information update & screens :

Hi everyone,

We felt the need to update information again because it seems there are still some people on the wrong end it.
Hereby a few more screens of the outside development aswell, the inside will come soon ( we are re-integrating it as we speak ).
As for a vid, we will make one, but we had to spend all the time we can get on the game atm to stay on shedule,
we might make one bigger one at once with the interior in-place.

About our previous remake, we have deleted all related info to JS earlier, also the vids are all removed,
this was asked by DBG a while ago and we did everything we needed to do to inform everyone and remove traces.
Our first plan that everyone knows by now ( the remake ) could not be carried out, hence we took another route, our own route.
However we have choosen the path to still try giving people something similar as an alternative in the best way we possibly can,
it will remind people to things ( like the Hospital is reflecting atm ), but it HAS to be our own version, another ( but similar ) game.
With all the knowledge and experience we have  and with input from this community we will try this.
There still seems to be miscommunication and wrong information being spread about this is a JS ( h1z1 ) remake, but it isn't anymore.
We can't do this because we are tied up and dont take any risks, the other reason is that there is still a chance of DBG relaunch and
then it's quite crazy to have 2 quite identical games, it's possible we are stopped for a reason and we are aware of that aswell.

What can people expect then ? We try to make something similar with similar looks and feel, on top of that we take input from everyone.
To make everything very clear again, we are updating our ( temp ) website with more information about everything,
there is a "Faq" ( Q & A ) page where u should be able to find almost all answer to your questions ( ).

About the release of the Alpha which is nearing, still sheduled around the end of this month ( could be a few day's off, but not much ),
we had our little backset a bit too offcourse due to Corona like everyone else, but we managed to handle the work on the game pretty well.
What we can say for now that will be released is the list below, there might be more things coming but we decided and add things day per day,
so it's pretty possible what is stated below could be quite a bit more, but we dont like to promise thing's we cant do, so this is the "sure" list :

Hospital Area :
- A semi large zone with woods, wind, sounds, foliage and a small lake.
- The Hospital and parking zone outside.
- Player model with custom skin ( not the standard UE4 anymore like in our earlier Alpha ).
- Adjusted movement, we need much work towards the desired movement but this will grow every update.
- Optimised Day & night system, u can stay ingame and see the night fall, check out the reflections etc.
- Ingame menu

What might be included in the coming update ( pending atm, still testing & reviewing things ) are as follows ( in this order ) :
- Basic shooting, weapon pickup ; reload, ...
- Basic looting
- Drivable vehicle
- Network ( Listen server ) , we are atm checking replication things etc.
- If the network doesn't get done intime we might adding basic AI zombies to shoot at IF we get done on the above list.

In the future we will try to give more content an a regulary base to our Content Creators ( our streamers ) and our own Z1ex youtube channel.
After the 2 updates have been pushed through we can spend a little bit more time now and then on these things.

As last note i would like to repeat once more to not refer us anymore to anyone as a JS remake please,
it put us up with extra time & questions for people who just finds out about this project and expecting other things.
It also can bring us in difficulties with DBG, we promised them not to spread anything that refers and we would like to keep it that way.
thanks in advance for your understanding, we will try to make this a great project anyway, u know our vision & thinking a bit more by now ;)

Thanks for the patience everyone!

New Screens :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

( Full size link : Hospital update 25/03 ) :

News : 08/03/2020

Tiny update :

This quick update to let people know we are still working on details & optimising balance,
we are managing to push loads of performance out UE4 when still maintaining a nice realistic look.
We always kept people in mind too with lower end systems but settings ingame will be possible to crack things up too.
We are evolving nicely but we want to do everything as good as possible, that's why everything takes a bit longer sometimes.
We like to optimise "at-once" when we are at an area, not likely to come back unneeded at spots later again for optimising,
that's a waste of time and we like to do it at once. More screens and vids wont take too long,
but wanted to show u the kind of realistic look people can expect when still maintaining playablilty.

Screen of the outside development ( Full size link : Hospital update 04/03 ) :

Hospital March04

News : 02/03/2020

First screens of The Hospital & foliage setup and a sumup :

Hi everyone,
It has been 4 weeks since our last newspost here, but we shared some screens on Discord which
u can lookup below, The Hospital "area" is nearly done so we will step into gear on mechanics again.
We also added 2 screens of our progressing foliage setups, we are almost done with those.
As for a release date of our Alpha, it will be a few weeks from now, we needed to develop some things we need later on
at more areas ( like our custom foliage ) not just for the Hospital alone, so expanding & rerouting for a week was very usefull.

These things takes time to develop ( modelling ; collisions & LODs ) it's not just plug & play, but the good side about this
is that many things we wont need to remake later again, it's just the startup that asks the most time ( aka atm ).
The same goes for some other assets and that's why we needed a bit more time with our restart, i hope people understand that
a bit more now, 30% of developing is planning & making things "game ready" for use in the scene, i liked to point that out ;)

Just a few more weeks patience, it will surely be before the end of the month or even earlier, we will give hints intime.
After the Hospital we move on to the Army base since that is an area that can be build pretty quickly and is very PVP minded,
we can then focus even more on mechanics ; building system etc.
We need to add a few area(s) each time to keep things interesting, but mechanics will grow all the time with every update.

Recently we have read some messages in DC again about "JS remake", some people may have missed some things,
but we want to point out that we dont have any contact with Daybreak Games anymore and we do not have any admission anymore.
We are now creating our own game without legal consequences, hence our Hospital, Army base etc. will be unique in their own way.
We can not classify this as a JS remake anymore, but people who know us a bit by now are aware we want to create something
unique with a similar feeling & mechanics, we will try to convince everyone bit by bit as we develop along releases.

More news and screens are coming shortly, a vid will pop up soon too, we will keep people informed here and at Discord.

Enjoy the screens :)

The Hospital :