News : 05/02/2020

New road & information :

Hello everyone,

The last 2 weeks alot has changed for us and U, the JS community.
After the last conversation with DGC we have taken everything down as promised to them,
we will also state it once more, we dont have any permission for assets or referrals to JS.
It might be pretty possible DGC will bring back JS themselves, we would encourage that even when we are walking
our own path now, but again, no one can blame DGC, from a business side only few people will understand,
therefore we want to kindly ask people not to send angry emails or such to DGC about our situation and the use of assets.
Thanks in advance for your understanding, afterall it won't help anyone.

Now more into the news most of u are waiting for ;)
Since we will use everything of our own now and we are bound by copyrights this game can never be the "same" as JS.
This is simply not possible, things like assets, names and even the Landscape can not be identical or having to many similarities,
and tbh it would be a little bit crazy afterall if we could remake the original JS while DGC might even remake themselves too  ?
In the end this might be the best solution for all parties, us, u the community and even DGC themselves, they still have employeés to pay.
However we ( as dedicated players ourselves ), still know how the game was ; felt like ; could be and now can buildup our unique version
with your support and ideas aswell.
We will sumup in a bit what the adjusted roadmap is now and the website will be updated tomorrow,
in meanwhile a new website is in the making aswell.

Areas of the game :
We are working on this, we make unique areas wich will be summed up more over time on the "Development" page at the website.
What people can expect is we can't have places like The Governors, or The Military Base, The Zimms etc. ,
for copyright reasons ( in how far these go ) and as respect to DGC we dont copy/paste things or blatantly remaking things identically
with our own assets, it just wouldn't be nice if they ever plan a JS remake themselves and aswell for our own piece of mind.
What we CAN do however ( and we will do our very best for this ) is one of our strong points to create the feel of those areas.
We will for example have "The Mansion" which will surely remind u on the Governors, but on a bigger scale,
the same goes for the Hospital and our "Army Base" ;)
We will have a Dam ; cities like PV ( with discrete referrals to PV ) etc, people will be suprised what we are capable of,
but keep in mind we can also change or add things later and we will go for our own version so we wont ever have copyright issues,
i hope people understand this.
This is a delicate situation which can influence real lifes of people and on the other hand we still thank DGC for giving us JS in the past,
we still have respect for them.
Apart from reflections to original areas we add new ones too, people can suggest things to us, things like a small Prison etc. are on the list.
The mapsize will be 8km x 8km and can be expanded later on if needed, we create the game in such a way this all is possible,
we will use Levelstream/ProxyLandscape etc to get the best optimisations possible for everyone.

Onto basebuilding & raiding system :
The original "old" concept was awesome, we aim for that type of concept, offcourse our own creation and "look" we will evaluate
with u in the future, but be asured, the old style was our favorite too and will be assembled, Decks, Shelters, etc. ,
we wont be happy with anything less in that playablity range.
Shacks will be there and a stash too, we will add more things later too with your and our input, anything that "can" benefit the game.
Gasoline, Ethanol, EIDs ( not sure about our own name and setup atm ) will be inthere, but again our own stuff.
For Basebuilding spots we want to let people build anywhere ( as an Open World should be like ), we just dont want to run into glitching
issues as this wont benefit the game and will ask loads of useless time of us too, so we aim not to let bases build "through" things,
however when u want to build a base in the woods, the trees etc. what stands in place will dissapear, u can build anywhere u want.
Some people like the preventing of building into certain POI's, for this we would consider different type of servers so people can choose.
We need further looking into this, much too early for that now, but we can discuss this along the way we evolve.

AI ( Zombies, Wildlife, etc. ) & Quests :
Will still be implemented, but will be along the way with some updates too, we want smart AI, no dumb things or glitchers.
We would like to add special one(s) among a horde which gives ( maybe special loot or a rare skin ) loot when u get that one killed,
a certain more impressive figure who needs 10 headshots or something, someone u dont walk over but makes it worth to lay him over.
These kind of situations will appear more often at PVE servers ( we dont forget u guys ),
but on PVP servers now and then there should appear one too to keep it interesting.
Quests : there will be some, but there will be alot more for PVE, we don't want PVP players get disturbed to much when raiding ;)
We will search for a balance along the way.

Cars ; Quad etc, :
Unthinkable without one in this game, so yes will be quikcly inserted, we will do our very best to get close to the handling feel of the original,
will need time to evolve, things like a Copcar, a Copjeep ( in city areas where there are more mountains it's logical u find them there ),
a Pickup and a Quadbike are to be inserted.

Mechanics of the game & shooting :
Same story as before, we need to buildup on this untill we and U are happy with the feeling, we know where to aim for.

Loot :
Logical loot, our own textures etc., things to be renamed but a Shotgun shell stays a Shotgun shell offcourse ;)
Loot will be scattered more logically, more weapons at the Army Base, Police station etc, but still to find around the map aswell,
just in less quantity, POI's needs to stay POI's and being worth to aim for.

Other extra things that gets mentioned later on :
Things like ( detailed ) water will be inthere from the start, crafting etc. will grow along the way with the loot ; raiding and shooting system.
Sounds will be integrated shortly ( first update ) and will be pretty detailed aswell, we will also try to create some atmospheres here and there.

Timeframe & release of the Alpha's :
Everyone is aware we start from scratch, but we are evolving pretty solid, it's pretty safe to say we release the Hospital in 3 or 4 weeks,
it might be earlier, but no promises, we take quality above speed, depends on how the shooting and networking evolves through the tests.
People can expect a flashback in a certain way to the original Hospital, but with our own twist and will look without doubt impressive,
i will stream or vid soon and screens will be made the coming day's and weeks.
We will work in the same setup as before, releasing more and more areas and along the way we will add more things aswell when
expanding those areas, it's possible when we arrive at the Army Base or something that there suddenly is a working Building System,
we will anounce and communicate with u all the time.

The progress of this game on the longer view won't change that much, we are still looking into 16 months upto 2 years for completing the most things "stable" we are aiming for.
We develop further all the time ( also with community input ) and will buildup the game in such a way it can become more future proof
( also GFX wise, but we will take a big leap now already ).

Launcher & Steam :
These are things we work on along the way, we will work on an own launcher which will make new downloads obsolete and
Steam is maybe one of the roads later on, depends how we develop and evolve.

Expanding of the team :
We got alot of applicants and suggestions which is simply GREAT, it's very cool to see how the community wants this and help building it.
For now ( also because of legal issues etc. ) we need more time to evaluate things and persons, we will expand the team soon with already
people of our own area, simply because we need to really "know" people too, this for things like cpoyrights
( we can't always check what people "make" or "offer" to us is selfmade or ripped ).
There is much at stake and we also need to plan things out, in the very near future things will get more clear about WHAT we really need.
People can show stuff if they like or are bored, but we need time to consider and plan things workflow-wise ;project-wise and copyright-wise.
So for now people don't need to PM us for applications, we anounce when time fits, but don't hesitate to create things or applicant later ;)

This is the most news and status for now, we probably need to mention a few more things, but we will add those soon.
Short said we aim specifically for the old feeling and atmosphere in a new jacket in our own unique way with a few reflections to the past.
All this without creating or copying things from the old version, we as a team hope u guys can be patient enough to evolve and test with us
over time to perfectionism this, we also mention that this game is from now on our own game and we can decide what to do :)

By now we will remove all our previous work, remake footage and other ties to JS from everywhere for copyright reasons and
to not confuse people or create certain situations.

Thanks everyone for keeping faith in us, for such a crowdy Discord this has been really awesome in attitude so far!

Thanks again guys!
Z1ex team

News : 28/01/2020

Statement about our project, legal concerns and the future :

We post this since we are always very clear and open with everyone about our remake status.
Unfortunaly we have bad news and we might have good news too, we explain everything below.

As everyone probably knew, we where in contact with DGC several times on several degrees,
after the last couple of weeks we finaly got the chance and honour to speak with the top of DGC.
After a few explanations from our side they let us know theirs, and we can understand.
DGC needs to protect their assets at any cost, we are not talking about some candy, this is a pretty
serious matter even when we release this game for free, it would still be with ( partly ) DGC assets.
Using assets is not allowed, there where some miscommunications earlier between DGC and us but
that is now cleared up, we got several approvals by people that where not aware enough of DGC policy.
We got a reply from the CEO and the Legal Department today and also a few from the Vice President.
This everything is pretty strict and arranged, we can NOT release this game or ANY assets, ever.

Offcourse we are pretty sad, we have put alot of work in this and the next update would have been nice & massive.
We would have basic shooting; basic networkplay; sounds and right after "The Hospital", it was allmost ready...
I hope people understand that we can't release this update as the statement i received counts from the moment
we took notice of it ( just received it few hours ago ), for this we are very sorry and apologise to everyone.

Atm we are waiting for an answer on our last questions ( here lies the good news for us ).
It looks like we can remake the game ( or lookalike ) if we use our own assets, but 100% own assets.
It would be our own game then and less stressfull about what's & dont's.
We asked questions about the Landscape + the area names and our Z1ex name ( Z1 is inthere ), what is allowed?
We probably know an answer in the days, but according to the SVP of DGC it would be logical that if we use our
own assets there can't really be a problem but that we needed to wait for a reply.
What does this mean asset-wise ? Actually it probably wont change that many things except the buildings etc.
We where already planning to use our own assets for like 60%, as u can see below the sleeping room of the Governors,
it was fully remade by our own assets, also the living room, the kitchen, etc.
What is left then ? The buildings ( which we could replace by other ones or remake similar ones with other textures if allowed ).
The roads we planned to give a big upgrade anyway, so then we have left the loot ; the building system; the shacks.
Here is where we need to wait for DGC's response, if we may remake those and make a shelter 5cm larger with another
sort of look ( or even identical but made by or own ), we could do that, but we want to be sure before taking any steps now.
The inventory etc. we can bypass or perhaps even better it, we will get into that.
In meanwhile we keep working on the "core" of the game, the shooting system ; movement ; models & renew Landscape.
Further, the loot is pretty easy renamed/retextured and sounds can be replaced, we can do everything with the community,
and as soon DGC has responded we can carry on, but on a fully legal basis.

What does this change now ?
We can not release anything atm.

As soon we have more news we could release our own version.

Areas might be named the same if allowed or referrals ( depends on DGC )

The core shooting system was getting set up, it could still be released with the first version.

The basebuilding system ( concept ) we can replicate or something similar wise, waiting for DGC news.

We will have another setback of months map/building wise, but we are ( again ) lucky we know this news before being
at 80% of the map/game right ? ;)

A new version release would take a few more weeks because we re-route now.

We buildup the map again from scractch with delay's divided across the map areas ( where we need to remodel etc. ),
we are wiating for more details about the landscape.

In certain areas we could even win some time, because ( as some may know ) we would have needed to
re-texture/re-collision/lod + hierarchical everything else which now will just be replaced with new things "ready to go".

This will be our own game, no pressure or uncertainty anymore.

We are aware many people will be dissapointed for another setback and possibly thinking the game would never get the same.
Let us prove otherwise, we have a legion of experienced JS players willing to test and we have loads of "K hours" ourselves,
we know how the game felt like, how it should be and look like, we showed earlier what we could do in just a few weeks time.
I think this also proves we are not people who give up, this is our 3rd restart and i think we shown how hard we want this to succeed :)

I will update more info very soon and possibly new screenshots & vids asap,
once we are more clear about everything we can relaunch in the coming week(s).

I hope people dont dislike DGC because of this, they are just protecting their assets.

Once again our apologies.
Z1ex Team

Last updates we made of the inside of The Governors :