Here u can find many answers to frequently asked questions :

1) Why and how has this project started ?
This project was intentionally meant as an in-house family & friends project.
Since we noticed many people and online petitions about a certain "vanished" game,
we try to create an alternative, free for everyone to play.
We can not say this enough, this is not a remake or clone project anymore,
this is a complete new game and will take approx 3 years to complete.
On the way throug time everyone can play for free through development, the game will grow
by each update and more things will be added every update, we will listen to player input.
We have a big edge over game companies, we are gamers ourselves.
We dont have certain time shedules or rush to finish things, we will use all the time that's needed!

2) How long will the project take ?
This project starts as an alpha game so people will be able to play right from the start,
however this will be with ( very ) basic things and we will grow along the way.
As for a timeline, this is difficult to state as "when" is a game finished ?
We will approach it like : Full map, advanced movement, shooting, looting & basebuilding, ...
if all those are ( stable ) in place, we can consider it as non-alpha game anymore.
Will this be the end ? No, the game needs to keep evolving & expand overtime as long possible,
we try to create something that lasts for a long time, a migrate to UE5 is likely.
AI ( life ), Quests and more are on the roadmap, some might be added earlier then expected for some reason,
we will always give an "estimated" time but no real guarantees.

3) Will there be Skins in the game ?
Yes, there will be skin options in the game later on.
We are thinking of a "tier" or "achievement" system among other things for earning them,
someone with  ( example ) 1000 kills receives a more impressive "Assasin" skin or something.
We also consider to offer to people their own "personal" skin, an unique one which u only  can own,
people can give us information, screens, colors etc to work towards this, even your own face ingame "could"
be an option, in how far this has to be reviewed GDPR wise and copycat wise, we dont want imposters like on FB ;)

4) Game mechanics and allround feeling :
We have massively many hours in other survival games and with many experienced beta testing players at hand,
we will do everything to get as close possible to the playability we all desire.
We have all the time to evolve and test this out, we have no deadlines.

5) Weapons & Recoil :
There will be :
.308 Sniper / AR15 / AK47 / Shotgun / Magnum / 9mm Handgun
HE Grenade / Gas grenade / Smoke grenade / Stun grenade
The recoil and shooting system will be without any doubt pretty intensive testing stuff to accomplish,
but we are looking forward to it and with help of the community aswell we should be able to cover this.
There will be "bullet drop" aswell, we are aiming for a particular system in mind.

6) Will there be a "Basebuilding" system ?
Yes!, we will have things like deck foundations, big shelters, small shelters, walls & upper walls, gates, etc.

7) Will there be Shacks ?
Yes, small and bigger shacks.

8) Raiding system :
EID's, Ethanol and Gasoline will be in the game, effects like placing multiple EIDs or Ethanols catching some shelters
togheter that will "spread" in fire aswell, these will look quite impressive but balanced ;)

9) Loot system :
The loot will be a common one, but towards the future we might ( in consultation with the players ) expand
it a bit more, it all will depends how the game progresses in the future to keep things interesting.

10) Will there be "chests" and a stash ?
Yes, it is our opinion that such things are not to be missed in the game, we even think a small "unraidable" Stash will benefit
the smaller groups and Solo players to try to play on more higher pop servers or higher skilled ones.
It might even helps clans a bit too to safely "store" a bit of BOOM among members in case of emergencies.
It wont be "too big" but enough for Solo's, we aim it at them for helping a bit out as that is a big problem in many other games.
There will also be "chests", we will look at the size with the community, maybe less amount of "space" would benefit
spreading of chests and getting a base actually more "used" or protected as a base.
We are not sure yet, we need the community for that and this will be discussed later on for sure.

11) Extra addons & ideas for the game :
We got many suggestions through Discord and we had many of our own aswell, but we are seriously considering adding things
that the game could expand or benefit in any positive or more detailed way, this all with feedback of the players.
Every building etc. in this game will be open for entering, an "Open World" should be as such.
Things like a working escalator or elevator in the Hospital ( to create a bit extra realism and fun-factor ), or lights that can
be turned on & off in certain houses or buildings ( which other players may spot ) or an automatic light that turns on when
running into the the Mansion from a certain side...
All things that can "add" extra exposing and create more "fun and a creepy feel" factor we will be considered as far it's possible.
U can always let us know in the future, for now we have loads of ideas allready which need evaluation.

12) Will there be any Quests etc. ?
Yes, we will implement "Quests" in the game and maybe similar things, surely for PVE or Offline play there will be more then in
PVP online environment offcourse, but things like the classic triple zombie etc. are on the table.
More quests and ideas will be taken in consideration, also zombie-hordes from time to time may pop-up where it's possible that
in such a horde there will be one bigger one sticking out of all those other zombies in an impressive way, u wont take this one
down that easily for example ( like 5 or 10 headshots needed ), things like this are mainly meant for PVE, but if PVP'ers in the
future would like such an option ( but in a lesser degree ) it's also possible for extra earning or a "skins" ( :p ).
What we dont want is that people on such PVP servers get disturbed too much by hordes when raiding someones base,
offcourse we are aware of all those things ( our groups and beta testers have all the experience in the world ).

13) Game modes :
We have several options in mind, this is how they are planned atm :
Offline ( Solo ) standalone version : Advanced AI ( life, etc. ) and probably the same intensive "Quest" system as PVE online play.
Online/Network PVE play ( non raidable bases & no PVP, only PVE experience with AI & Quests + interaction with other PVE players ).
Online/Network PVP play ( raidable bases, PVP interaction ), will have less "Quests" but still some for a special items or such.
If people wish a PVP option without raidable bases ( just build a base and PVP around / dominate the map ), we can look into that too..

14) Server questions :
Possibiity to host your own servers, this needs more working out but we think it's better that no one can sunset this game anymore.
Server setup will be possible through dedicated ones, but porbably also as listen server for testing purposes & smaller groups of friends.
We will put up servers too ( free to join ), people liked the  names of the original servers so we might consider that.

15) Will there be an Anti-cheat sytem :
Yes, we think in these times of online gaming area it's unthinkable not having one, however we have no idea which one.
We probably develop things ourselves but we will look into existing options too, one thing we are quite sure of already,
is that we will look into passing as much things possible through server-side checkups.
For example if any player is allowed by the server to run at "XXX" speed and he goes above that for XXX period of (short) time,
this player will get a warning or kick or whatever that suits the situation automatic by the server.
This will need alot of testing without any doubt, but we have enough people to test things out on a cheat-test server or something ;)

16) Sponsoring ; donations & partnerships :
This can be considered if it's usefull in any way later on, we dont like to accept things from people or companies if we
dont see any use for it, we are not minded like that and we would like to prove things first aswell.
People dont know what to expect, it's too early and we dont want people to expect things sooner or put pressure on our team.

17) Quests ; Storyline and origin of the virus :
We will try to draw a line into this game, a sort of storyline which will benefit the PVE players alot as it will be bind a bit to Quests.
To give an idea, we have received suggestions like a crashed airliner on the border of the map or ship wrecks near the beach
on the side of the map ( partly sunken ships which u can partly explore or such ), later on the roadmap we look into this.
If we should create such a spot, it speaks for itself that this will be a quite heavy infested area where a quest or more
hard to find loot will be earned, for effort there should be rewards ;)

18) Quality look of the game and some technical info about this :
With our game we not only aim to people with heavy systems, alot of people should be able to play this game on medium performance
systems or even on lower end systems ( @low or medium details ).
We achieve this by making custom collisions & models optimised as much possible, we dont use unneeded triangles, vertices or planes.
Many of our Textures are custom made or multiple Textures are replaced through 1 Multi-channel Texture to save GPU memorry.
Our Textures are mainly capped @2K, but also use quite some optimised 4K ones and some 1K ones for smaller meshes,
it all depends a bit on the size of the Meshes ; tiling and quaility setup of the environment ( noticeable or not ).
We make many Materials ourselves too, hence u rarely will notice things like "Tiling" on our models.
For optimisation on this 64km² map we use LevelStreamingin combination with HLODs, HISM, Culling and other techniques.
We buildup the game in such a way we can later always "better" things if needed, we are aiming to make this game more
future proof by being able to update models / textures etc through years to come.
We think if a "concept" of a game is really good it will last for years but as hardware evolves to make it possible to "eyecandy"
things more, then that concept of the game could be kept but the rest could be updated or do some remodelling.

19) Near future roadmap :
We are working on the map every day, but on the way we expand mechanics and playability too,
first we release the Hospital area, after that the Army base and then a small city and "The Mansion".
Our map is named ZoneX ( Z one X or Zone-X, whatever u like to see in it, this was choosen to be multi-interpretable ;)
The Landscape itself will also be reworked more and more ( detailed things, updating wind, sounds,  choppable trees, grass, etc. ).
People can always checking our Development page for current info.

-> Also check our #FAQ in Discord.
-> This page and Discord will be updated as more things get more clear.